20 point A/C Tune Up

  1. CHECK THERMOSTAT OPERATIONS (A properly regulated thermostat reduces your energy bills and increases comfort).
  2. CLEAN OR REPLACE AIR FILTER (Dirty air filters can increase energy bills and cause expensive equipment breakdowns.
  3. CHECK AND ADJUST AIRFLOW (Having the proper air going across the evaporator coil is key to getting the best comfort and dehumidification).
  4. CHECK REFRIGERANT CHARGE (Improper refrigerant charges reduce energy efficiency, cooling capacity and shortens equipment life).
  5. CHECK TEMPERATURE DROP ACROSS EVAPORATOR COIL (A proper temperature drop of fourteen – twenty degrees is critical to staying cool and comfortable).
  6. CHECK AND CLEAN CONDENSER COIL (A clean coil reduces operating pressures which extend equipment life and increase energy efficiency).
  7. CHECK AND TIGHTEN ALL ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS (Burned or Loose wires can cause costly system breakdowns).
  8. CHECK VOLT AND AMP DRAW ON MOTORS (This check can find problems inside the windings on the motor or a weak capacitor, giving us a chance to replace the motor or the part before it becomes an emergency call).
  9. LUBRICATE ALL MOVING PARTS (Poor lubrication causes drag on motors and drive shaft, thereby increasing energy consumption and causing premature motor failure).
  10. CHECK AND CLEAN CONDENSATE DRAIN (A clogged condensate drain can create considerable water damage).
  11. CHECK START AND RUN CAPACITORS (Capacitors are critical to your system’s performance).
  12. VISUALLY INSPECT SYSTEM FOR MINOR REFRIGERANT LEAKS (Refrigerant leaks cause loss of efficiency, cooling capacity and shorten equipment life).
  13. CHECK TIME DELAY RELAY (if equipped) extends life of compressor.
  14. CHECK Contactor (The contactor should mechanically open and close smoothly without any chattering).
  15. CHECK MAIN ELECTRICAL VOLTAGE COMING TO THE EQUIPMENT (This check can protect against overheating of condenser components).
  16. CHECK COMPONENT TERMINALS (Good power connections at the compressor and motor terminals reduce costly breakdowns).
  17. CHECK DISCONNECT BOX AND FUSES (Your power disconnect should be clean and dry and show no signs of deterioration and corrosion).
  18. CHECK AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLATION (A properly designed and installed system provides optimum cooling capacity and reduces energy consumption).
  19. INSPECT EVAPORATOR COIL ((WHEN ACCESSIBLE) a clean evaporator coil increases cooling capacity).
  20. TEST EQUIPMENT OPERATION (When we are complete with your tune-up we will test cycle your system to assure proper operation).